Fellow wine drinkers who enjoy the craft of Plise Wines


Doctor Michael Gazdar, Chiropractor for John Muir Chiropractic Center

Dr. Gazdar has been the official chiropractor for the S.F. Giants organization the past several years.  He oversee the chiropractic needs for AAA Fresno Grizzlies and since 2008, he is the official chiropractor for the San Francisco Giants.  He has been Jonathan's chiropractor for 13 years.

"Jonathan Plise wines are the most exceptional wines to be introduced to the wine market in the past several years.  The cabernets have an incredible nose with full bodied notes of oak, berries and spice and are bold and assertive on the palate, with sweet black fruits and hints of deep oak.  The finish is excellent and lasting on the tongue.  It is an excellent buy and, while it is very drinkable now, it would be excellent stored for a few years.  Best to do what I did and pick up some for drinking now and some to put away for a few years.


Tim Jochner, Winemaster, Shadowbrook Winery

"What first comes to mind is boutique, all about quality, with family and friends pitching in just for the delight of it. Jonathan is creating professional, clean, well balanced wines that express the different terroir of the fruit he sources. It’s a pleasure to see someone passionate about winemaking and Jonathan’s hands on approach delivers quality you can taste."